Saturday, April 10, 2010

Musical Comedy

A friend on Facebook linked to the first video on this list and I laughed hysterically when I first watched it. A combination of fond memories and current stresses are mixed together when I see this.

1) I once had a very stern horn teacher who was known for yelling at students and getting a bit gruff.

2) I am a piano teacher who is seeing the days quickly count down to the big annual recital. Those kids REALLY need to get to practicing seriously or I'm gonna have to buy a yard stick!!

And, as a piano player, I have SMALL hands. :)


"I will survive" without the yard stick, I promise myself.



  1. Ah this made my day -- true ROFL moments! I was made to take piano lessons for years but alas I was not very talented. And, I too have small hands.

    What a hoot - thanks for passing this on Lisa!

    Take it easy on your students ;)

  2. LOL everyone downstairs is trying to figure out what the heck I am cracking up at.

    When I answered Rachmaninov had big hands and tried to explain -well I think they assumed I was having a brain fog moment. :)

  3. I played the piano in our social room yesterday! I hadn't been able to play a note in years...and just played by ear like I'd done it a hundred times before. MS is fascinating.

  4. LOL that last video reminds m of my rehearsals with my pianist dude! hahahaha People may pay to be let OUT!

  5. So funny!

    Lisa, stop by my blog -- you've been tagged.