Thursday, April 29, 2010

But That Looks So Good!

In the recent past, I was confronted with a difficult temptation. It might not be a big deal for others, but for me it was the first time since making the commitment to eat better and lose weight that I had access to unlimited supplies of tasty sweet foods.

Each spring, my horn students perform in the annual Solo & Ensemble Festival, an event at which I accompany others too. During the festival, which occurs all day on a Saturday, I am able to hang out in the ‘Directors and Judges’ lounge where food stuffs are available. The host school of the event will feed the judges breakfast at the beginning of the day and later feed lunch to the judges and directors (and a few piano players).

After my first performance at 8:24am, I had 30 minutes to relax so I went to the lounge. There it was - a platter full of mini cinnamon rolls sitting next to two other platters of baked goods. I fixed myself a coffee and ate one roll. Then I had a 2nd roll.

It was later that I looked up the nutritional value of two mini rolls. 242 calories, 11g fat, 32g carbs, 4g protein. Geesh, that wasn’t worth it. I felt guilty, although they did taste good.

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Avoiding Temptations: But That Looks So Good!

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  1. I don't know how you were able to do that. I would have eaten half the package! :)