Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where have I been?

Off playing online games, that's where!! OK, a couple of unnamed MSers are trying to get me hooked on some Facebook games. Then there is Poker which is still fun.

For those who like these sorts of things, here are some more:
Brain Games by FitBrains
Brain Games by Luminosity

And don't forget The Online Brain Games Blog which has a lengthy list of Free Brain Games.

"Increasing cognition in MS by playing computer games"
from MSRC Latest MS Research News

Is it really possible to improve some, MS related, cognition issues by playing computer games? Doctors from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston seem to think so. According to their poster presentation at the World Congress on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS + ECTRIMS + LACTRIMS) Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Sept. 17-20, 2008) they conclude that trends toward improvement in information processing accuracy, memory, and attention occur with the use of online cognitive rehabilitation programs.

It’s estimated that at least 65% of Multiple Sclerosis patients endure cognition problems on a day to day basis. Challenges with multi-tasking, memory attention, executive functioning, information processing, learning, and visuospatial abilities are common and can negatively impact quality of life and stress levels.

The BCM doctors set out to understand whether using computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation (CACR) would help patients with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. After 18 weeks of using computer assisted rehabilitation, the twelve individuals enrolled in the trial, showed improvement between 19-38 percentile points in the various cognitive areas. That’s exciting news when you are struggling to learn a new task, follow a recipe, remember your own family’s names, or how to do simple math in your head.

Finding sites that offer free brain fitness exercises online isn’t too difficult and here are a few to help get you started. Happy Neuron, Fit Brains, and Lumosity. So, go ahead and start exercising your brain today. You have everything to gain.

For more info: BCM's Poster Presentation Source: © 2009 Clarity Digital Group LLC (02/09/09)


  1. I'm feeling the bite from the Facebook bug, too. But you know that, you ridiculously good at Luxulous person!

  2. they are getting me hooked on facebook games too

  3. So, I'm procrastinating, but it's good for me?

  4. I refuse to get hooked on drugs, uh, I mean Facebook. I do play online Euchre.

  5. Happy early birthday and best wishes for a fab year.


  6. I seem to spend a lot of time playing online games. My fave is I showed Brian the article in the magazine about games being great for cognitive function and said "See? The magazine says it's good for me!!" Anything to not look like an addict!

  7. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the mention of the!! Much appreciated. And great site you have here as well.