Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Sweet Surprise


On Saturday, while I was staying warm and dry in the house (out of the rain), a surprise package was delivered to my door.

Now, I knew that something might be arriving at some point in the future since I gave my address to someone who asked for it. But I had completely forgotten about that....until I opened the special package.

Inside the box, I found the letter and mug pictured above (or on the left). Such a sweet message which gives no names other than coming from the creative group of Our Heart Greeting. I think I first became acquainted with one of the originators of the group on Twitter this past spring, but they've been active for over 2 years.

Members of their group are some of those who donated their art to Todd's t-shirt project, the art of which blows me away. See, already I'm thinking about the people behind the website or twitter IDs or Facebook pages.

So with a smile on my face, I opened the gift within the package. Inside I found an OHG mug which is so cool in and of itself, a jar of Goofy Chix wildflower honey, a tube of Goofy Chix lip balm, a sparkly prism bead MS bracelet, and a kitchen magnet which says "Act to Cure Multiple Sclerosis."

I'm very touched and honored. Thank you ladies. I don't know who nominated me, nor who contributed to the gifts. It doesn't matter much and I can respect that.

Please know that you have done a wonderful thing and I appreciate it.

Thank You.


  1. Lisa,

    You deserve many thanks! IMHO your single handily connected the MS blogging community.

    Finally, it was great to read an article in the National MS Society from someone I feel I know...CONGRATULATIONS and keep doing what you do for the MS community. You are appreciated.

  2. That is so cool, Lisa! They chose a winner! You deserve as much love and sweetness as the universe can give. Isn't it wonderful to know good people EXIST?

  3. I think that is superb. You certainly deserve it!!! =)

  4. Lisa:

    A well deserved treat for someone who is probably the biggest MS Patient Advocate I know. You keep the MS blogging community informed and connected to each other. You are Fabulous! Glad someone who knew that thought to send this to you!