Monday, September 21, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis and Depression: Symptoms

Dreams are often a good indicator of where our needs in life are. The brain has an amazing ability to work through problems and issues while we sleep which is where the phrase - sleep on it - comes from. Sometimes the mind needs to work through our emotions while we sleep which is when my most vivid dreams seem to emerge.

I love the water. When swimming, I feel as though time stands still. The water passing over my shoulders as I lie on my back and kick a lap or two feels great. The gentle stretch overhead in a backstroke is rejuvenating. Going without contacts and having my ears underwater takes away spatial references enough so that I’m in my own world.

However, I have a dream which comes to visit occasionally. There is nothing in this dream besides me being underwater and pulled down into the depths of the ocean. Rays of light are shining through the surface, but they seem to be pulled farther and farther away. At first I struggle to rise, but then it doesn’t seem to matter. I lose all desire to reach the surface, even for a breath of fresh air.

This dream appears when I need a gentle message to examine my mood and mental health. It is the point at which I no longer pay attention to the dream that I’m in trouble, a sign of a major depression episode that has engulfed me leaving no desire to climb out of it. I’ve been in this place more times than I care to count. Never suicidal, mind you; just really in a very dark place.

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Mental Health and MS: Depression Symptoms

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