Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treatments for Depression in Multiple Sclerosis

Within this series of posts exploring topics related to Mental Health and Emotions, we have discussed mood swings, medication side-effects, stress, depression symptoms and depression causes. Now let’s talk about treatments for depression in multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms of depression are not similar to symptoms of an MS relapse, unfortunately, where if you wait long enough the relapse will subside given you have a relapsing form of the disease. Depression will often get worse over time if not addressed.

Fortunately, depression is very treatable. Taking a prescribed medication AND participating in psychological counseling appear to be the most effective duel approach in addressing depression. Taking advantage of both approaches together is more effective than either treatment alone - medication or therapy.

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Mental Health and MS: Depression Treatments

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  1. Lisa:

    Thank you for the timely series on depression. I've been writing about my own struggle with this illness on my blog (grace2wheelmydayswithms.blogspot.com)
    Depression is so misunderstood and so potentially dangerous that education and outreach are key.
    all the best, Janine