Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to the MS Blogging Community

Arranging Shoes by Bibliotekaren
Life has thrown some curve balls my way in recent times -- brain tumor surgery, atypical MS, and a couple other things. I'm playing with different writing styles as I ponder this all. Some posts are dorky rhyming verse, others are short story style, and some are just posts of my thoughts. I have no idea where this will go.

Sherry's Life, Love, and MS
I'm a 36 years old woman , who woke up 3 years ago with double vision. It was toooo wierd! I run a daycare from my home, and I just had time for a quick shower and some lip gloss before the little ones started knocking at my door at time to call in sick. I wasn't scared...but found it rather amusing...looking out to my front street, I saw two lanes of traffic going by , even though we live in a single lane street. As my clients started to show up, was my normal happy self, not wanted to scare anyone, and definatly not wanting anyone to worry about leaving their kids with me. No biggy...maybe I needed glasses???

I planned to put a call in to my Doctor when he opened in a couple of hours. I continued on , greeting my clients...drinking my morning coffee.

By my fourth cup of was gone! That was wierd! Oh well....on with my day!

Enjoying the Ride by Mitch
Before my diagnosis I had a Chemical Engineering degree, an MBA, and a promising career. I had an amazing wife and two wonderful children (still do). I had a nice house with a swimming pool, a big lawn, and a bunch of toys. I was living the dream. I enjoyed a variety of physical activities such as golf, camping, hunting…operating the brake and gas pedals with my feet, typing, and standing in the shower. Then one day as I was jogging on my treadmill I noticed that my left foot went slap, slap, on the treadmill, whereas my right foot smoothly transitioned from heel to toe, heel to toe. After a year of visits to an assortment of specialists, I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, a particularly disabling variety of MS. Eight years later I sit here in my power wheelchair, dictating to my computer because my hands won’t allow me to type more than a couple of sentences. I can’t work anymore, and my wife now doubles as my caregiver. I’ve started this blog to help me pass the time while engaged in a productive activity- advocating for the disabled community, of which I am now a reluctant member. I am Mitch, and despite everything I am still Enjoying the Ride.

Conservatism and Multiple Sclerosis by Mitchell
We live in a tragically trying time. I know I am in a mess. I am worried about my grandkids. They can't grasp what I am telling them. They live in a world where they think everything will be ok. Our freedoms are under attack from within and abroad.
Who will be the true American Patriots and step up? Is it YOU? Look in the damn mirror and see if that person is ready to say enough is enough.
I believe in God, Guns, Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. I guess that makes me an enemy of the "State." So be it.

My Hopeful Journey into Actual MS Recovery by Loobie
I'm a 42 yo guy who just wants to get better.

MS Divorced Dad
MS need not make you any less of a parent!

Don't Wait, The Chance Will Pass You By by Valley
I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in early '06 after freaking my neuro out with symptoms mimicing CNS vasculitis in late '05. I started low dose Rebif in the Sept '06 and was miserable for nearly 7 months.

By summer '07 I felt in control enough to begin a lifestyle change and do all the things I regretted as a 20 year old. I'm turning 25 this year and thinking about going 44 Rebif and talking about how fatigue desrupts my life at my annual teleconfrence with my ms neuro in June since my GP doesnt give a crap.

Been Better, Been Worse
chronicles my day to day life with MS! Few people can say that they retired at 36 years old, but I have done just that. I'm originally from Louisiana, but have called Missouri my home for the last thirteen years.

Limbo Land by Karen

Ramblings of a Simple Man by Anthony
I am your average 29 year old man. I am married to the most wonderful wife and father of a beautiful little girl. I am a devote Christian and I suffer from MS.

MS Blog - Eat Right 4 Your Type
by Britney

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