Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update on the Homestead

Just want to leave a quick note.

As of 6pm last night, we have HEAT in the house which doesn't have to come from several blocks of wood. What a blessing this truly is!!!!


  1. Lisa, that truly is a blessing!! It's sooo cold here in our neck of the woods & we're in trouble if the power goes out. We have oil heat only! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I haven't blogged yet about my MS...I've had it for 7 years, was diagnosed in THREE days and started on Copaxone right after the diagnosis. I've gone through some angry stages of the whole doggone disease and am longing for that cure for all of us! Anyways, you'll probably start seeing a few things about my MS journey. Stay tuned.....and beware of yodeling beagles, they're so cute that they sneak up on you and think you're a chew toy! :)

  2. Yodeling beagles, haha, what a funny image. I thought only bassets yodeled.

    I am sooo glad for you Lisa, that you have a working furnace once again. Does your MS make you more aware of the temperature, with more discomfort in the cold? We in the Pacific Northwest are expecting an arctic blast the likes of which we haven't seen since 1990. Woodstove is stoked!

  3. Welcome Kerri!! Our beagle, Charlie, was a big growler when it was appropriate. He often scared the neighbors who didn't know that he was a sweetie.

    Webster, I am SO GLAD to have hot water flowing through these radiators and that it didn't end up snowing here this week (except for some mild flurries).

    With the MS, I'm very heat sensitive. But with the RA, I'm more sensitive to the cold which really stiffens things up. So I'm rather sensitive to either end of the temperature scale.

    You guys try to stay warm up there, ok?

  4. Lisa,
    SO glad you have heat again! We survived the ice storm in OK last year w/ no power at our house for five days, so I know how much it SUCKS not to have your regular source of heat for a time!

    Again, CONGRATS!


  5. Yea for you! I don't know how you stood it this long. I'd have gone completely bonkers.