Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The MS Community Keeps Growing and Growing - Welcome our New Friends

Meet Katherine, newly diagnosed in July 2008, whose blog is Indicating an Intrathecal Production.

I’m a professional graphic designer with a partner of seven years who is beyond supportive, and the most incredible family and friends anyone could hope for — my best friend since we were just five is now a clinical study coordinator for autoimmune research. I have been humbled by the amount of love I realize is — and has been — a part of my life.

Another great new blog is In It For the Parking written by Rae...

I named it “In It For The Parking” because that’s my attitude towards chronic illness. It’s a part of my life… not my entire life, and I choose to take notice of the silver lining around the cloud as often as possible.

Proud mommy to two new Beagle puppies, meet Kerri who blogs at LATTE' BUDDIES! She's an Air Force wife (retired), elementary school teacher, and a first-year empty nester. Kerri doesn't blog about her MS much, yet, but assures me that she does plan to in the future.

Robert has started a new blog called Conquer Multiple Sclerosis.

I have no idea what Multiple Sclerosis has in store for me next, but I now look into the future with unbridled optimism and a knowledge that I will be alright. I take each day for what it is and make the most of it. Like me, you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others. We did not ask to have multiple sclerosis, none of us did, but we can definitely use it to help others in the end.

Life in the Slow Lane who shares.....

I unwillingly had to accept that my body is now eating my brain. I have lived in oblivion for most of the year knowing that this disease had affected my cervical spine. I would always brag that my brain scans were clear. Then bam. "You have some small spots." That is not what I wanted to hear. No, no, no.

And finally, please welcome Linda whose blog ms4tune is only days old. Linda says....

Welcome to my blog! I am an African American mother who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005. Married with two children, I often am asked about my diagnosis by many other people of all races. Because I am also a member of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI - www.sgi-usa.org), I am often asked how my buddhist pratice equips me to deal successfully with this auto-immune disease. One thing that my practice has helped me learn is that there is always both a positive and negative way to react to every experience. That is why my blog is titled “misfortune” because along with the physical challenges I experience every day, MS has brought me a boatload of wonderful experiences and realizations. I hope to share some of those with you in future posts - not to brag about myself, but to help you (and me!) remember that all is not lost, and that even with this type of health challenge there is always a great deal for which to be thankful.

Welcome to the MS Blogging Community!!


  1. Thanks for the links Lisa! You make my blogging life so much easier :)

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I am also an SGI member diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It's called dermatomyositis. I am happy to find your blog. Let's show actual proof!