Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the Fire Blazes On.....

Time for an update in Smokey's Cafe... wait, I mean living room.

A very nice man from the special Boiler fixin' services came to the abode Tuesday afternoon to repair the more effective source of heating for the home.

Why was he so nice you ask? Well, it's because he used to play french horn of course. Even got to learn about the other members of his family who are musically inclined.

But actually, it's because after working on the system (draining water from system, removing broken part, installing broken part, refilling the system with water, and trying to make it work) for almost FOUR HOURS (no, he wasn't paid for the time, but for the job), he ever so humbly had to inform us that the circulation pump was not working.

Hey, I remember pondering that circulation issue...... So, yet another part needs to be ordered, but it shouldn't take a full week like this part had.

In the meantime, it's continuing to look a lot like Christmas.... as it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Anybody got some Chestnuts? We could have Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

Ha!! I'm too much, I know. LOL. By the way, if you are looking for the Carnival of MS Bloggers, come back tomorrow. It's late.

Also, I went to PT yesterday for our first real session. Who know that just standing and balancing was SO VERY, UNBELIEVABLY EXHAUSTING? I didn't, and I get to do it again tomorrow.


  1. One of my good friends is a fiddle and guitar player...surprising for music city huh? LOL :) I recommend those bootie slippers to keep your feet warm during this cold time in your house. I just got a pair and forgot how warm, soft and fabulous they are - get a pair! :)

  2. Hope you don't have to chop up any instruments for firewood.
    While you're getting snow, it's been raining here since Tuesday. Think I saw some animals marching two by two to the city shipyard yesterday...