Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 Medical Weblog Awards - Best Patient Blog

The 2008 Medical Weblog Awards Sponsored by Epocrates are open for NOMINATIONS!!

The 2008 Medical Blog Awards

Brass and Ivory has been nominated. However, it takes more than one nomination to make it to the "finals" for voting. So far the following folks have kindly put Brass and Ivory's name in the hat.

Doc - Mind, Soul, and Body
Nina - Planning for the Unpredictable
Karla -
Ivy - Life with MS & EDS
Jen - MS Strength
Connie -

I appreciate your kind support and encouragement. Makes me smile. :)

In any case, head on over here to nominate your favorites. The more voices the better.


  1. Lisa--

    Thanks for continuing to post for the people. While MSers are going through horrific flareups, MS depression and anxiety, holiday blues, non-MS struggles and so on, you are managing to keep the infrastructure from collapsing.

    Much appreciated!


  2. Jen,

    Thank you!!

    Now, how did you know I was experiencing all (or most) of those things huh? This community is actually kinda important to me now. I'm thankful for ALL OF US who keep it going.

    Happy Holidays and a New Year!!