Monday, December 1, 2008

Needle Nostalgia - Copaxone and Me

Three years ago on this date, December 1, I began a new life.

I 'shot up' for the very first time...and not with a camera, but a needle.

A needle and a needle-gun, aka the Autoject2 for glass syringe.

My own special MS nurse, Nurse Carol, asked me, "so where do you wanna do it?"

"Ummmm, I guess the thigh first."

"Ok, drop trou." --- Ok, so she really didn't say that exactly, but you get the idea.

It was a Thursday so I chose my Thigh on the Right.

Get it? Thursday = TR = Thigh Right. I'm so clever (haha).

So this is how I decided where to inject and how to rotate.

Remember, kiddos, rotation of injection sites is VERY important for skin health.

Thursday = Thigh on the Right
Friday = Fanny on the Right
Saturday = Saddlebag on the Right
Sunday, Love = Saddlebag on the Left
Monday = Moon (fanny) on the Left
Tuesday = Thigh on the Left
Wednesday = Hump day = Middle Hump which is the Abdomen

Notice that I chose to never inject in my arms. That has been my personal choice and I've stuck to it. Arms are for creating music, not for pain and needles. LOL.


  1. I chose the abdomen for my virgin attempt. Seemed like the worst to me so I got that one over with quick.

  2. I don't inject my arms either. It caused indentations which I thought were unattractive (I guess I'm a little vain), but I find the legs VERY VERY painful.

  3. oughta SELL that shot road map to Teva Neuroscience!!! Sure beats their silly booklets they put out...

    Linda D. in Seattle