Monday, September 15, 2008

Les Misbarack

For your Monday morning inspiration and enjoyment...

Simply Brilliant!!!


  1. This is hilarious, Lisa! Did you ever see the movie version of "Evita?" I just remember sitting in the theater and cackling when Antonio Banderez had his first scene and he turned around from where he was sitting and burst into song!

    Very effective but also humorous. I guess a lot of people are counting the days....

  2. I usually can't play these videos, I thought it was the Tim Russert's son one going around, suddenly! A musical! LOL More people should break out in song like that!

  3. Jen, yes I did see Evita. Somehow it seemed a little more overwhelming on film versus on stage. But I thought that Antonio Banderez did a fantastic job, who knew he could sing? And Madonna looked and sounded lovely.

    Diane, it cracked up so hard when I first saw this!!! And then I thought to myself that it was absolutely brilliant.