Monday, September 29, 2008

It's an epidemic - MS Bloggers everywhere

Ok, peoples. No more MS please!!

There's a few more MS Bloggers who I'd like you to meet.

Diagnosed two years ago and blogging for two months - meet ME from Pearland, Texas whose blog is titled simply MS. She weathered hurricane Ike not long ago and has an interesting tale to tell.

Next meet Kimberly who was also diagnosed in 2006. Her blog is My Journey with MS. I've 'seen' Kimberly over at BrainCheese's and Blindbeard's blogs so you might already be acquainted. Kimberly traveled to Texas to consult with a pain specialist who has developed a unique device. It will be interesting to see how this device helps Kimberly.

Then there's pUNKrOCKfairy down in Florida who blogs at No Empire No More. Unfortunately, she was ALSO diagnosed in 2006 after months of symptoms and tells her MS story here.

Coming from Philadelphia is the father of twins, Bald Ben asks "Did you know that Montel Williams has that?" Bald Ben just completed five days of IVIG, just think of the liquid gold which is flowing through his veins. Oh and Ben just started blogging his MS in August as those above have done.

What is it with August? Hmmm....

Then I found Kim who blogs at Grant Moments. Her blog is not even a month old. Kim is blessed with both Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. Here's a post where she talks about both.

And finally, Lanette who blogs at Chain Reaction. Lanette is about to get married in Jamaica. How cool is that? Oh, and she started her blog in August, too.

Anyways.... we may not welcome having MS, but we certainly (yes, I'm speaking for anybody reading this) welcome these lovely folks to the world of MS Blogging.

[Sidenote: be sure to submit your Carnival posts by next Tuesday. plzkthx]

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  1. Oh Ma Gawd, Becky! I need to get caught up soon on my MS Blog list...

    thanks for the head's up here!

    Linda D. in Seattle