Saturday, September 20, 2008

Depression, Emotions, and Doctor's Visits

Here are some things I've written recently for your reading pleasure:

Depression, Inflammation, and Multiple Sclerosis
The Blues are Nothing More than a Lack of Red in Your Life -
Paint Your Walls Pink and You'll Never be Sad Again

[T]he first year for me was the hardest.... because of the myriad of emotions slapping me upside the head.

How to Prepare for Your Doctor's Visit
Do you ever leave your doctor’s office and think of questions you forgot to ask?
I’ve done this too many times, but now I’ve developed a plan which has turned out to be highly successful. Here’s what I do.


  1. Nice. I am in my Dr visit season and it never gets easier,

  2. Thanks I think you have some info here that I need.

  3. I always go to my appointments armed with a list of things to ask/talk about...even when I get dirty looks from the doctor. Who do they think they are anyway...God? Ummm yeah, and they look at me like I'm some kind of idiot.