Friday, September 5, 2008

Individual vs. Group Health Policies

I'm bringing back the topic of Health Care Policy. With a historic presidential election in just a matter of days, the topic of Health Care is once again rising to the top.... at least the top of my mind.

Extending the discussion of Health Insurance Woes, I share with you "Obtaining Health Insurance: Individual vs. Group Plans" posted at Health Central.

Coincidentally, Mandy writes "Health Care? It's all in the numbers."

Can you smell it - Health Cares in the Air.....


  1. Dude...did Brianna delete her entire blog?


  2. Wow X.

    I hadn't noticed yet. I pretty much read everybody through their feeds. Looks like everything is gone.

    Maybe I'll send her an email.

  3. Please do...and please, if you can, let me know what happened...