Saturday, September 6, 2008

Carnival Submissions Due

Just a reminder that submissions for this week's Carnival of MS Bloggers are due Tuesday morning, September 9, 2008!! You may submit a recent post from your blog via blogcarnival or email.

I look forward to seeing what great stuff you wish to share. Thank you.

On a side note: The Brass and Ivory blogger herself turns 40 years of age in about 12 hours.

ME = 40 = Yikes!!


  1. Are there like, guidelines about what we should submit or just anything randomly?

  2. Basically submit a post (or link to a post) which you want to be shared with others.

    Sometimes I'll post an excerpt and send folks to the original blog to get the rest. Sometimes I have reposted the entire post, and still included inks back to the original.

    It kinda depends on what comes in each time. I try to make it flow and make sense. Anything from chemoisnotapony would be appropriate.

  3. Happy Birthday! I just turned 41 in August. Time is sure flying by!

  4. Happy Birthday! I will be 41 on the 12th.. Seems like yesterday that I turned 18..

  5. WOO HOO!! Congrats on the big 40! Have a Fabulous Birthday!