Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Warning: Steroid-induced Annoyance Ahead

In January, I learned that Montel Williams is honoring Billy Tauzin at this year's The Montel Williams MS Foundation Gala & Pro Celebrity Poker Challenge. It is no secret that Montel has a very chummy relationship with Big Pharma and PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) more specifically, of which Tauzin is the CEO.

This being MS Awareness Week and all, it seems like an appropriate time for Montel to hold his little soiree. But I gotta tell ya, this little tidbit of information just made me want to puke (or maybe that's the heartburn from day 5 of Solumedrol.) Tomorrow, you too can 'join in the fun' by signing up for the online Pay-Per-View event, just $9.95. Here's the Press Release regarding the live-streaming event and information regarding a Podcast interview with Montel himself.

So, please while the star-gazing, poker-frenzy folks out there in cyberspace pretend to pony-up to the table and hob-nob with the Big Pharma guys, I can only hope that my thighs continue to remember why they exist, my fingers continue to respond to the big great mind I've got in my little ol' head, the elephant continues to retreat from standing on my face, the growing tinglies ALL OVER which are revealing unknown numbnesses continue to go through their stages, my balance stops leaning to the right, and I survive another day without chewing off somebody's head or eating cardboard right out of the box.

Needless to say, I won't be watching the Poker Game.


  1. I will not watch it with you.


  2. I'm afraid that I have pretty much the same reaction as the first two comments.

    He's holding a gala soirée and playing poker... Big sh.., uh, deal.

    It didn't help that I found out about this via an email from an ignorant flack.

    Podcasting shows are evergreen so his telling me the day before was basically useless.

    He could have milked some free publicity from my site and set himself up an ad to carry his message running as long as he wanted to in video (or audio [or even as a PDF.])

    As it is, I sent them an email telling them what was what and to never get in touch with me the friggin' day before again.

    All I've gotten is an auto-responder email back. So screw Montel anyway.

    Mr. big shot is no big shot in the world of new media.

    It takes the time it takes and it has its own dynamics.

    Either you plan accordingly or STFU.

  3. Is there a survey that people with Multiple Sclerosis do not respect Montel Williams? I know I don't respect him when I met him here in Columbus a few years back.

    He is not really representing peopel with MS. He is representing himself.

  4. Hi! Lisa
    I think I might watch this. I hate celebrities and hate gambling. For some reason though, I'm fascinated to see how low Montel can sink. I use to like this guy . How and when did he become such a whore?
    What's so sad is he will be applauded for doing all this .

    I'll let you know if I succumb to the temptation and do a report on my blog.

  5. add me to the list of non-watchers. how are you doing? i need to catch up reading all your wonderful posts!