Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Joining the MS Party

Well, not being one to always feel compelled to join in on all the fun......

I guess my MS body decided that it wanted a little extra attention.

So late this afternoon, I broke down and called Carol, my MS nurse at the neurology center. We talked about what exactly is going on with that MS body of mine. Consequently, I have an appointment in the morning with the doctor and am preparing myself emotionally to deal with a round of IV steroids.

Nurse Carol pointed out that it has been a little while since we've treated any relapses. In fact, over Christmas this year, I avoided going in because I really did not want to undergo steroids and waited it out. That's how much I really despise the steroids, especially the effect which the taper has on me. But at least now we know that I can't handle prednisone and prefer to use decadron instead.


In the meantime, I'm working on a blogging project which will require some group participation from YOU, dear readers, to be successful. Please stand-by and be prepared to help me spread a bit of our own MS blogger awareness.


  1. Lisa,
    Thank you for the comment on my Blog. I ended up finding out yesterday that my spinal tap results came back being positive for MS.

    Thank you for finding my blog, and for posting. I am real interested in being able to learn all I can to make the best decisions I can, not only for me, but for my family.

  2. It's the one thing I wish I could say, "Share the wealth" should NOT apply! Sorry to hear you're having an MS Moment...may it be short and kind.

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Sorry to hear about this recent flare and hope it's short, if it can't be sweet.

    Never heard of decadron and I despise prednisone. Thanks for posting that -- I'll have to go do my research now...just in case.

    Feel better soon!