Friday, March 7, 2008

MS Awareness, Blogging Friends, and a little Link Love

Wow!! I've found at least 200 Bloggers with MS out there actively discussing all sorts of things.

My hope is to strengthen the connections and bonds throughout the MS blogger community.


  1. Hi! Lisa
    Thanks for letting me know about this
    I will be home tomorrow and will give it my attention. An interesting project !

  2. VERY NICE! You took a great deal of time and energy to provide this post...thank you!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I'm copying your cutting and pasting right now. Blog on, Sista! :-)
    Lazy Julie

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  5. Lisa, I feel bad for the bloggers with few posts---they may be doing the best they can. I will have to add that fact to my blog. I don't want anyone to feel bad if they have not posted as often as others.

    I commend you for gathering the MS Blog links. That was a lot of work.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for letting me in on this great blogging idea. I'll be sure to follow your steps and get things set up tonight when I get home from work. Good job!!!

  7. wowee! you have done so much work on this project! this is great...i will definitely go a-visiting soon. this is really nice what you are doing here and will be of great benefit to all.

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for doing this! I've already found 3 wonderful new MS bloggers I didn't know of before. :-)

    Great idea...but you are full of those, aren't you!?!


  9. Lisa,

    I just love this blog! I think you've managed to turn it into a true community forum.

    It will be linked to my MS in the OC blog @


  10. Thanks for putting this together and including me on your list Lisa.

    I have chosen the road less traveled when it comes to 'treating' MS - and remember - there are no treatments, only 'disease modifying medications' (wtf?). So, I do not take any prescribed medications.

    I realize that others have chosen different paths and wish all of you well. I started my blog in the hopes of connecting with other blogging MSers who are choosing to 'treat' this condition via a dietary approach. I have yet to connect with someone like that but I have connected with lots of like minded bloggers who treat their health conditions with diet changes. That support alone has been so very wonderful for me.

    If there are others on 'the road less traveled' for their MS then I'd love to hear from you.

    Namaste to all.

  11. cool!

    When I get back from my cruise (leaving tomorrow at 4am...)

    I will do this!

  12. I just got home from work. Its cool. I will catch up tomorrow since I am not doing anything tomorrow. Yippee !!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Jim

  13. Thanks so much for this initiative! I'd only posted on my blog once this year before now. This initiative and other recent connections with MS bloggers has made me conscious of doing two things: blogging more often (for which I have a basic remedy to help me get back into a rhythm) and blogging more explicitly and more vulnerably about my journey with MS. Lots of my blog, especially in the early days, is taken up with simple stories and observations about life. As it [the blog] progressed, and as I progressed on my journey with MS, the MS got a mention every now and then. The title is, of course, in direct reference to the fact that I inject Rebif thrice weekly.
    Keep up the good connections!
    - Miss Pincushion

  14. I'm guessing this is an extension of Braincheese's "102 Blogs about MS". Both of you have taken extraordinary time to make such listing available.

    THANK YOU for listing me as "moderately" prolific. I am always fretting about screen time.

    Caregivingly Yours,
    Patrick Leer

  15. Thank you all so much for participating!! I'm excited about the potential for greater support and connections.

  16. ha! I didn't know anyone was keeping track. I'll get more prolific :-)

    good work,


  17. Thank you, Lisa for opening up the doors for those of us with MS. Through your site, I have found so many others with this illness . . . we are a brave band of sisters and brothers and it helps to know there are so many of us that understand, commiserate and who can just say, "I've been there. I know what you're saying." So thank you again! You are definitely a shining star!

  18. Hello Lisa,

    Thanks for leaving a comment about Carnival of MS Bloggers on my blog.

    Just been copying and pasting and visiting three blogs I had never heard about, but thanks to your brilliant links list they are all there for me to visit.



  19. I don't blog just about my disability - I do talk some about invisible illness (MS), pain, fibromyalgia, MS along with a lot of other subjects

    but I am linking to you!! Great posts on this blog!

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  21. On unnecessary assholishness:

    In light of this fucking bullshit, I am quite honestly considering deleting my entire blog.

    I really don't need to find pejorative, condescending posts by invasive, Bible-thumping ignorant breeders when I am (for the most part) attempting to mind my own fucking business.

    Just an FYI.


  22. It might be the ol' MS poopy-brain but I have no idea what it is that you want us to do...copy this entire page? And create a new blog? I already have a blog so why would I need to make another one? I am so confused! IF I could just add my existing blog to the list, I'd do that but create a new one is just not something I feel a need to do.
    If anyone is interested my blog is yodamamma MS & More. If you want to add it to your list, please do.

  23. Wow!! What a teriffic post. A lot of people are going to benefit for all the "leg work" you've done here. I also would have been overjoyed to have a post like this when I was going thru diagnosis and newly diagnosed, and I am sure there are a lot of others in that position who will find this!

  24. What a great list! I'm plowing my way thru all of them. Minor detail - my blog Living w/MS has TC listed as the owner. It's spose to be MsShad. Not a big deal cept TC is my sister, and we have "issues", lol.

    Thanks again - what alot of work!

  25. Hi,
    I was recently diagnosed with MS and I find your blog so helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. I blog about my MS as well.
    Thanks again,

  26. I stumbled across your blog , its great. I have been diagnosed since 2002 rrms.
    Being checked regualary as they feel its going secondary direction,

  27. Communicating with other MS Bloggers is brilliant.