Monday, March 24, 2008

Stuff that makes life easier....or not.

Today's recommendation comes to us from Orla of Toronto, Canada and Chef'n of Seattle, WA.

The power of peeling right in the palm of your hand! The PalmPeelerTM easily slides on your finger, tucks in your palm and peels anything you can throw at it. This neat little package is dishwasher safe with a stainless steel blade and convenient eyer at the tip.

Orla says:
"This is a product that has been a lifesaver for me. Using a regular peeler causes shooting pain up my right arm. This palm peeler design works much better ergonomically for most peeling duties (not all). Very small round vegetables are hard to peel with it since you need to be able to have a good grip with the other hand to create a decent peeling area.

I also use disposable clear food grade clear plastic gloves to reduce the tingling/numbness etc that happens when working with food i.e. constantly having to wash my hands which aggravates the tingling/numbness..... I buy these by the large box and sometimes use 4 or 5 sets to prepare a meal (and thereby reduced washing my hands 4 or 5 times too AND avoided the tingling etc....sweet). This choice was made by me knowing the environmental/toxic concerns of plastics but, alas, I am cooking more now that I found this solution and that is always a good thing for me.

It has taken me awhile to wake up to the fact that it is easier to find solutions than live in the problem. I have adapted my life, unconsciously, in many ways since the onset of my symptoms. I am now actively pursuing adaptations and the fact that you posted the JarPop is another curious and timely connection. I am looking forward to what others have to contribute too!"
I, too, am interested in what others have to contribute and share.

If you have any tips on helpful, or not so helpful, items out there, please send me your recommendations via email.

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