Saturday, March 15, 2008

Music Antics

This just makes me laugh!!!

As a former marching band person myself, I currently don't require a pause in music to stumble a bit. MS takes care of that for me. Once, I walked off the edge of a curb, right on top of the air, and found myself lying flat on my front - arms outstretched. But I'm sure that I looked as graceful as swan doing it, especially since I didn't even spill my doggie-bag in the process. Hehe.


  1. lol...funny.

    hey! you changed your template...pretty! what made you decide to change your site?

  2. Thanks MM,
    I had wanted to try to make things easier to look at and navigate around here. And the yellow/beige was getting boring. So many of the color choices for backgrounds are hard to read but this just seems good to me right now. Then I was experimenting with the HTML.....

    It's a work in progress. :)

  3. I saw this cartoon too from the xkcd site and totally lol.

    I was in a marching band for 5 years after high school. I played the flute and have not played for awhile. It is something I am hesitant to resume because of my physical issues - my right arm has some serious pain issues (for years now) so I have had to minimize use...and yes, a flute is quite light but you have to hold your right arm up which would add to strain/pain...and I need the arm for things like cooking! MS manifests strangely for all of us eh? I luckily don't stumble when walking but my balance is precarious at times.

    I chose math for university....and you chose music. I was in my university orchestra for a year too.

    Interesting connection eh?

    and the site redesign looks great btw ;)

  4. Hello Lisa,

    I like xkcd too. (Try Indexed [ ] on for size. The same kind of wit. :-)

    I'm glad I'd learned to take a tumble before knowing I had MS.

    Lord knows, its come in handy more that once. (I've managed to even do it with a drink in my hand [I won't even pretend I didn't end up wearing it, but I did manage not to break the glass. {Good thing too. It was expensive crystal.}])

  5. When I was in Junior High and High school, I played the trumpet in a band. When I saw that cartoon, I understood it clearly. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.