Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking Time For Yourself to Counter Stress and Anxiety

After writing about anxiety and life events of the past week (post excerpted below), I took a few days away from blogging to get some rest.  For the next few weeks, I really need to focus on events in my physical life.  Please excuse me if it gets a little quiet around here.  Thanks. 

Life has been crazy lately.  I seem to be two steps behind, no matter which direction I reach.  As I result, I feel the stress and anxiety beginning to mount.  In fact, it is already mounted and is at a full gallop.  I’m being dragged behind the tallest imaginary Clydesdale horse I’ve ever seen.  I’m trying to find my feet.

Since the beginning of this year, life has been moving at lightning speed.  Some of it has been exhilarating, some of it has been duty-bound.  All of it has zapped my energy reserve and I’d like for it to slow down just a bit.  So many tasks accomplished, but still too many left undone with ends dangling loose. 

Take writing a post, for example.  I have started many started.  I’ve begun research on great topics.  I’ve read hours of material and saved countless pdf files on my computer for future reference.  Yet, I’ve not been able to complete them to be shared here on HealthCentral. 

Can I be straight with you?  I am underwhelmed with my ability to keep things under control lately.  I am seeing the monster called depression (usually stuck in the corner pouting because he can’t be set free) grow braver and venture out of its cage to cause mischief and mayhem.  (Side note: the word mayhem makes me smile a bit.  Reminds me of the car insurance commercials with the “mayhem” character.  Love those.)

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Stress, Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, and Mayhem

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  1. I agree with you from my past with MS...we have to relax!
    Good Luck and rest