Saturday, April 7, 2012

I cried today.

In the past few days, I've accomplished much less than I desired.  Not that I haven't been busy, because I have, but that there is so much more to be done.

Just as I mentioned in the recent "superpowers" post, I wish that I could simply conceptualize something and it would be accomplished, completed, created, finished, etc. 

That's not the way things work.  So today, when Rob and I were talking about what needed to happened (or that we wished would happen) before joining our households, I began crying. 

Just a frown at first, then halted breathing, and finally full-blown tears.  It was uncontrollable (kinda like my life feels right now).

I can't do everything by myself.  I can't do it all alone. 

At least I exploded in tears rather than in some other way.

So today, it was good, I cried.


  1. Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry. I think it was good that you could "let it all out." It is a trmendous amount of stress; I assume that you are moving? It will be overwhelming again and again as you live in such a big beautiful house.

    But things will work out. They have a way of doing that.

  2. You do so much for everyone else. We are grateful. Have a blessed easter and realize you do more in one day than some do in a wishes, mary

  3. A good cry is good for everyone,cleans the soul.Lisa take it from a 52 yr old,you are strong and can be stronger.Hang in there,ok.You have some wonderful posts on here,and being new I was really impressed,keep up the great work,just take time to breathe.