Monday, April 2, 2012

Poetry and Quotes

Today's prompt for the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge is - "Choose a quote that inspires you – positively or negatively – and gets you thinking."  Rather than discuss a quote, I want to invite you to honor National Poetry Month with me.

On HealthCentral, we will celebrate the talents of our own RA community and create a place to share our thoughts, our words, our poems throughout the month of April.  To get us started, I created a poem which features a side of rheumatoid arthritis.

by lisa emrich

rain beats down on the windowsill
heat rises from the concrete
early morning stretches
undo glitches in
my toes,
time stalls,
outside children play
in the sun rays and laugh while
dawn drips down their faces and smiles

a gasp
rings out while
tangles twist about
hands, knees click and clack,
ravished joints mostly seek solace
in the comfort of heat
teasing light
i love the

Read this post in its entirety:

Celebrating RA Poetry and Community Creativity 


  1. Awesome poem & post! I am blogging forward tomorrow am ;-) the poetry, very liberating. Best wishes.mary

  2. Lisa, you prompted me to write a poem about my mother in law, Kit.

    Rudy's Eyes.
    I remember the pain I saw
    reflected in Rudy's eyes.
    He told me long ago
    When we were close,
    He lost his lover Kit,
    My Mother in Law
    I never knew.
    She took 20 aspirins a day
    and had a stroke
    and did not make it to 50.
    He described her
    gnarly joints,
    pain and debility,
    hope and preserverance,
    raising 3 children
    on the farm.
    I treasure those rare second hand memories of my mother in law
    via Rudy when we sat
    by the woods
    taking a break in between
    loads of firewood.
    He loved her so
    and felt so powerless
    as she slipped away,
    this big strong man
    shared her story with me,
    and always with the story,
    a tear formed
    in Rudy's eyes.

  3. Mary,
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun. I've enjoyed reading the poetry you posted in the last few days.

    Sounds like Kit would have been a lovely person to know. And Rudy as well.

    Thanks for sharing.