Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Master of Time and Matter

Who doesn't want superpowers?  Today was a day that I could have used a superpower or two.

I posted the following status on Facebook earlier this afternoon: 
"I've gone to yoga, filled up my car with $50 gas, picked up 21 pieces of clothing at the dry cleaners, stopped by the pharmacy, had lunch with my mom, put previously-mentioned clothing in the closet at home, and sat to read emails/posts for about an hour.  Maybe it's time for a shower now since I'll be teaching in less than 2 hours.  And, I must practice some of the 18 contest pieces I will accompany at solo festival in a few weeks.  Whoever said Spring Break was for resting?"
I also managed to throw one load of laundry into washer (and later dryer) as I was teaching and practicing.  I finally paused around 6:30pm this evening.  Whew!

The first superpower to come in handy would be the ability to stop time.  I'd love to stop the clock and be able to complete tasks, or take a big snooze, or simply take a brain time-out, without having the entire day pass by.

A second superpower which would come in handy would be the ability to "think" a task and have it be accomplished as easily and timely as possible.  Imagine being able to come up with the concept for an article, "think" it through at lightening speed, and have it be fully referenced, clearly written, and published "just like that."

Or even better...have the house cleaned just by conceptualizing it.  Now THAT would be a SUPERPOWER!

Today's post was inspired by #HAWMC Day 3 Challenge.

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