Sunday, October 16, 2011

Webinar - Estate and Financial Planning

“Estate and Financial Planning For Life: In 12 Steps” - a Webinar presented by NMSS.  Monday, October 17, 2011 at 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST.
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The 12 steps for estate and financial planning that will be discussed in the webinar are:
  1. Organize your emergency information and information about your advisors.
  2. Designate a person to handle your financial and legal issues by creating a power of attorney.
  3. Designate a person to make health care decisions and access medical records by creating a health care proxy.
  4. Communicate your health care wishes by creating a living will.
  5. Protect your minor children with an emergency child medical form.
  6. Sign a will.
  7. Create a personalized (not boilerplate) revocable living trust to manage your assets during your disability or illness.
  8. Ensure that your insurance coverage is in order.
  9. File your beneficiary designations and confirm title to your accounts.
  10. Give back so you can demonstrate important values to heirs, help others, and inspire others.
  11. Communicate your estate and financial plan to your advisors, family, and friends.
  12. Review, revisit, and revise your plan so it can continue to protect you.
It is important to note that estate planning is a process. It entails much more than just having a will. It is vaster than tax planning.

Everyone should have an estate plan to protect themselves and their loved ones. People living with multiple sclerosis should customize their plan. The webinar will educate you on how to do this.

(h/t Forbes)

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  1. Wise advice for everyone but particularly those of us living with any chronic condition.