Friday, October 21, 2011

Gratitude Friday

I've been feeling a bit blue this week, so I decided to try to do something about it.  First I wrote a scathing post about abstracts, surveys, companies, and marketing.  But then I decided to let it sit a little while before hitting the publish button.

Then I was thinking about how sore my muscles are today.  But it is a good thing.  We had a substitute teacher in yoga class yesterday.  I loved her!  This class resembled previous yoga classes I've participated in before.  Everything we did made sense and I got a really good workout with some great stretching and strengthening.  I want her to come back soon.

Cat #1

And finally, one of my "little guys" (aka Pippin the cat) wanted my attention.  He actually used his tiny little meow to say hello.  So cute.

All I had to do was pick up the cat comb and he was all over me.  I don't think that there's any salt left on my hands and arms as he likes to lick while he's being brushed.

Cat #2

So why is it that Autumn has arrived, the weather is colder, but yet the cats are shedding like crazy.  You can't pet them without getting fur all over your hands or face, or tickling your nose.

Colder weather is supposed to encourage thicker coats of fur, right?

But then again, I gotta remember - this is a house whose residents don't always follow the "rules."  :-)


  1. And here I thought it was just my cats who were shedding at the wrong time of year. Punima, my Himalayan, is dropping tufts of hair everywhere. It's crazy. It's also a good thing she likes to spend a lot of time indoors, expecially when it rains.

  2. Like you blog, blogs:) (it's in Danish but can be Google translated)

  3. My two fur babies don't appreciate the beauty of a good brushing :-( Weird cats! But my Mango loves to lick and lick no matter the reason. I live in the southeast of the USA and mine are done shedding but we tend to have a tad bit warmer weather year round. They did their shedding about a month ago. Hair, hair everywhere.