Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Library of Health Online

When I was a kid growing up (wow, that makes me sound ‘old’), there was no internet full of endless amounts of information.  You had to go to the library if you wanted to thoroughly research a topic; and oftentimes, you needed to go to a several libraries to complete your work.  You might even have your preference as to which library offered the best resources, which one was easiest to use, or which one made the process successful and rewarding. 

With a grandmother who was a nurse, I had a curiosity about all things medical.  It was not really a hypochondria, but an interest in how the body worked or rather didn’t work sometimes.  Fortunately for me, we had medical and health resources right at my fingertips at home found in two very large encyclopedic books.  Each book was 3-4 inches thick and weighed several pounds.  I took the books from the bookcase in our den often and read the material.  For FUN. 

Now, I read medical journal articles.  I search for information regarding different treatment options currently available and those which may become available upon eventual approval by the FDA.  I read blogs.  I compare notes with other patients like myself, discussing various ways we cope with disease.  I compare the information available from the many patient organizations focusing on MS.  I share what I have experienced and what I learn along the way.  I do all of this from the comfort of my own recliner.

I am a voracious consumer of digital health information online.  No libraries needed.

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  1. I will always love traditional books and libraries, but the breadth and quality of information available online today is such a tremendous resource.

  2. I'm not even sure where my local library is!