Monday, October 17, 2011

National MS Society Launches a Blog!

Coordinated with coverage from ECTRIMS, the National MS Society has launched a blog.  This is the first phase of expansion of their online community in the coming year.

ECTRIMS/ACTRIMS (The Congress of the European and Americas Committee for Treatment & Research in MS) is occurring in Amsterdam during October 19-22, 2011.  In attendance at the conference is "the largest collection of MS researchers in the world, with more than 7,000 scientists and clinicians from around the globe, meeting and presenting on cutting edge and breaking MS research news."

Watch for live updates brought to you by Julie Stachowiak and Kate Milliken (working with NMSS), as well as tweets and video from Ashley Ringstaff at MS World ().

Let's all welcome NMSS to the MS Blogging Community.

The MS Blogging Community has grown from about 100 blogs four years ago to over 600 MS blogs written by patients, family members, caregivers, and organizations.  The community continues to grow with more than 300 blogs currently active.

Visit the MS Blogging Community page for its real-time feed of new posts published by the bloggers who are listed.  I'm sure that I do not have every MS blog included on this page yet.  Please contact me if you are not listed.

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  1. Great work Lisa! Also happy to have your 2 widgets on my blog: your Brass and Ivory site and the Carnival of MS bloggers. I love to point to your sites for the best of the best MS info. Best wishes! mary

  2. Thanks so much, Mary. I really appreciate the support and camaraderie this community shares. One of these days, I must get better at self-promotion. LOL. Btw, I love the photos you share. Some of my favorites.

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