Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rituxan and the Flu Shot

Have you seen the commercials for flu shots offered at your local grocery store?  Or have you seen the signs outside the large chain pharmacies advertising that flu shots are available already?

Some businesses are offering clever incentives for getting vaccinated this year.  There is one grocery chain which is offering 10 percent off your grocery bill if you get your flu shot while shopping.  It’s an interesting way to motivate people to get themselves vaccinated.  Quite a move to influence public health.

I remember the first year that I got my own influenza vaccine at a local grocery store.  Shots were only offered during narrow hours and locations were running out of vaccines quickly.  I stood in a line which spanned from the pharmacy area, past the meat area, and into the bakery area.  That was the year I decided while standing in line to get the pneumonia shot in addition to the flu shot.

Please read this post in its entirety:

Choosing Whether to Get the Flu Shot This Year: RA, Rituxan, and Vaccines

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