Friday, September 23, 2011


I have wanted to blog about this week spent in Philadelphia immersed in the world of ePatients.  I traveled to Philly on Sunday and returning home very late on Wednesday.

Thursday morning was spent in yoga.  The class seemed much more difficult than last week's, however it could just be that my body was spent.  MS fatigue (and the accompanying heaviness, numbness, and general lack of coordination) has taken center stage.  (At first I thought that I had simply worked my legs really hard in class, but I'm starting to question that thought now.)

Then Thursday was a very long day for teaching as I was attempting to make-up for most of the lessons which had been canceled on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I was in no mind to write anything intelligent last night for the blog or otherwise.

Today I slept in for the first day in a week.  (Oh, yea, I attended an annual MS Seminar put on by my neurology clinic last Saturday morning.  And I later attended a fancy Gala on Saturday night, complete with black dress and stockings.)

I have attempted to write something for HealthCentral today, but it will have to wait for a more clear-headed Lisa tomorrow for a re-write.  At the moment, I can't really think straight.  My face hurts (and is numb at the same time), my legs are heavy and move like a marionette, my eyes are tired, and I feel overall like a truck has run me over.

I'm hoping that by resting this weekend I will begin to feel better.  If I don't, well, I don't want to go there just yet.  Depending upon how I feel in the morning, I could still dip into the emergency steroids I have on hand.

Maybe tonight's dose of methotrexate will do something good for me besides make my hands feel a bit better.  Fingers crossed (figuratively).

So I'm not really whining (at least I don't mean to be), but I just wanted to reach out to my community.  Let you know I'm here and that I'm choosing to be a little bit quiet.  I hope to be back to my blogging best in due time.

By the way, I had a really great (although entirely exhausting) time at the meetings and conference in Philly.  I hope that my fellow chronic illness fighters who were there as well have recovered more quickly than I.  If not, my heart goes out to you.  Hang in there.


  1. Please take care of yourself first before you take care of your "obligations" to our community.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Rest, my friend. It was so good to see you. You do such a good job and this little post is no exception.

    I'll think of our good memories when I get my Rituxan Monday (if this cold from shaking too many hands lets up).

    Reading in my pj's and feeling more connected to my fellow rheum sisters than ever.


  3. It was so great to see you again! I admire how much you've been able to motiveate yourself to work through in the past week, I just hope you're able to recover as well. Get some rest and I'll cross my fingers for you that the mtx helps soon:)

  4. Oh Lisa, I think you have been doing way to much. Please take some time to rest.

  5. No Lisa, a whine usually ends with me going WHAAAAAAAAAA, but I digress, take care of yourself.


  6. What a pleasure to meet you, Lisa. The pure excitement of being in the company of 20 other advocates who were blogging about their conditions was inspiring, and exhausting!

    I'm doing fine and wish you a speedy recovery. You're featured in my video blog about the event and can't wait for you to see it... posting soon.

    Mark S. King

  7. Thank you all for the support and sweet words. I finally started to feel almost like myself yesterday. Today was a regular work day.

    One day to recover for each day on the road...not too bad averages really. I had a fabulous time meeting old friends, virtual friends, and new friends alike. Very inspiring indeed.