Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Mix Methotrexate with Antibiotics

If you don’t know, it is very important to avoid taking antibiotics and methotrexate at the same time. There is an issue of toxicity of the methotrexate as antibiotics tend to prevent the complete break down of MTX. If MTX can’t be broken down appropriately, higher amounts may be found in the body.

I personally like to think of letting the methotrexate set aside (by not taking it) to allow the antibiotic soldiers to go in a do their duty (killing the infection). Fortunately this summer, the antibiotics I took for two weeks did just that. Unfortunately, the RA mischiefs decided that it would be a good time to act up a bit.

The pain started with an extra stiffness in my left hand. I thought that maybe I was typing too much or playing too many computer games where I hold my hand in a lose fist and typically use just one finger. But after a few days, it was my left foot which joined in the ‘party.’

Moving my toes became a practice in slow motion. When my boyfriend offered a foot rub which was so very sweet of him (and I wouldn’t ever want to turn down or discourage a foot rub), I couldn’t stand the pressure or even the gentle movement of toes. Ouch!! Stop!

Enter very unhappy Lisa face. Seriously, who turns down a foot rub?

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