Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaks are good for you

Just as I took a breather at the top of this trail in Juneau, Alaska, earlier this summer, I have been taking a breather from the blogs.  Will return soon, all refreshed.

Hiking in Juneau, Alaska, June 2011
Alaskan wildflower


  1. Enjoy your reprieve and I hope it isn't anything too serious but rather for you to have some fun in life. Will be looking for your return to this world :-)

  2. I always enjoy a rest...then I get bored:)

  3. Wonderful photo of you and that hill behind you looks challenging!

  4. Thanks, folks! I'm taking a bit more time for myself but will not abandon the blog for long (as in I just put another post up). ;)

    This hike was a nice one, and the cane was definitely a smart idea. Made it easier for sure.

    I sat on this wall for awhile as Rob found some more vantage points from which to grab some awesome photos. The views were spectacular.