Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Smiles

Just want to wish everybody a nice day.  It is 66 degrees currently in Northern Virginia and the cats are getting ready for spring.  They are itchy and shedding!!

Musette is in her favorite chair taking a tremendous yawn.  This was after she had me scratch her entire body vigorously for several minutes, leaving a glove of fur on my hand.

A few nights ago, the boys (aka Pippin and Oscar) were sharing the coat. This was a rare moment where they were practically curled up together. I'm so glad that they are friends. It's good for everybody.

On Friday, my sweetie surprised me with red roses and a huge balloon. This helium/mylar balloon is going to last FOREVER. My mother surprised me with one for my birthday at the beginning of September. It is still floating, thinner certainly but still strongly up in the air. This new balloon will be a good reminder that I am loved.

Here are a few of the beautiful roses Rob presented. Their smell is rather pleasant and Pippin (the black cat who is difficult to see in the photo above) loves to get his nose right in the middle of the blooms. Pippin appreciates the finer things in life....Pounce treats, dry cat food, and fragrant blooms and foliage.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Note: How does this post relate to living with MS and RA? It doesn't.


  1. How does it relate? I am thinking your living and sharing your life?

    I wish we could get another cat but Annie has never lived with one and all signs point to she thinks cats are something to hunt. Yikes that would not be could from the kitties end!

    Our furry friends are so important - well at least to me. No matter what is going on Catfish and Annie dogs are there to cuddle and pass out wuv.

    Rob sure sent his message in such a lovely way- Beautiful flowers!

  2. 55 degrees up here yesterday but with winds gusting over 50 mph, who knows what the temperature was? Once after Patti had rolled out of our van and while we waited for our ramp to fold back up into the van I stared in amazement as a wind gust moved her in her wheelchair several feet down the sidewalk under wind power.

    Our cat which enjoys all weather except wind treated yesterday like Armageddon.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  3. Thank you sweets.

    In my studio which is surrounded by drafty windows, I have sheets of plastic taped around the window frames. Last night it was a bit spooky how much the windows (plastic sheets) rattled around. The wind knocked things are in all the yards. Made me think I was back in Oklahoma for a moment.

    Right now it is 46 degrees. Not bad, but I'm ready for spring time to arrive. :)

    Last night my final horn student of the evening brought a box of dark chocolates. She decided that since we were spending Valentine's evening together that a 'valentine' was in order. Very sweet girl who I will actually miss when she goes to college. :)

  4. cats are great. I would be lost without our furry friends.

    I know about the shedding... you end up with enough fur to make another small animal, yet they look like they still have plenty to shed. Never ending supply.
    Musette looks like my Ziggy.
    The boys were hard to make out on your coat. Isn't it funny how when you take clothes off or set clothes down they want to lay all over them?
    I usually have company (Zig) when I get dressed in the morning, and I'll lay out my slacks & shirt, and guess who will want to try to lay all over them. Or lay beside them and then grab at me and my hands when I go to pick them up.

    Are they related to MS or RA? they are part of the home remedy to anything that ails you. Mine make me laugh and smile and are great to cuddle with when you are down, or feeling bad. So of course they can relate :)