Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heat Slows the MS Brain

My closest loved ones know that my brain is worthless mush when I get overheated.  I turn into a seemingly less than intelligent individual.  I can't think straight.  I can't make decisions.  Everything slows down to the consistency of molasses.

Now there is research which proves my MS is to blame for this heat-inspired drudgery.  But, you know, I already blamed MS because my legs become severely weakened in the warm weather as well.  I end up walking through quicksand with 50lb weights attached.  Quite a feat of strength, I must say.

Below is the announcement coming from the American Academy of Neurology.  I really wish that I could attend the annual meeting which happens to be in Honolulu this year.  Anybody wanna send me?  Pay my way?  Hopefully the heat would not slow down the brain too much.  :)


Warm Weather May Hurt Thinking Skills in People with MS

ST. PAUL, Minn. – People with multiple sclerosis (MS) may find it harder to learn, remember or process information on warmer days of the year, according to new research released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 63rd Annual Meeting in Honolulu April 9 to April 16, 2011.

“Studies have linked warmer weather to increased disease activity and lesions in people with MS, but this is the first research to show a possible link between warm weather and cognition, or thinking skills, in people with the disease,” said study author Victoria Leavitt, PhD, with the Kessler Foundation in West Orange, New Jersey.

For the study, 40 people with MS and 40 people without MS were given tests that measured learning, memory and the speed at which they processed information. Those people with MS also underwent brain scans. The daily temperature on the days the tests were taken was also recorded.

The study found that people with MS scored 70 percent better on thinking tests during cooler days compared to warmer days of the year. There was no link between thinking test scores and temperature for those without MS.

“With more research, this information might help guide people with MS in life decisions and their doctors with clinical treatment. Scientists may also consider the effect of warmer weather on cognition when conducting clinical trials,” said Leavitt.

The American Academy of Neurology, an association of more than 22,500 neurologists and neuroscience professionals, is dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care. A neurologist is a doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. For more information about the American Academy of Neurology and its upcoming Annual Meeting, visit


  1. I had to laugh...I live down south (Georgia) and basically become a hermit in the summer. I walk the dog before sunrise and after sunset. The rest of the time I am carrying a large glass of icecubes pressed to my forehead....

  2. Well, Lisa, the heat may slow down the systems, but for me, the cold freezes them. I'll take warm over cold!

  3. I'm with Muff. Cold is harder than hot weather.


  4. Extreme cold is no fun either. Rob's mother keeps her home bitterly cold (all year round). Turns the muscles and joints into stiff logs.

    If only it couldn't be "the perfect" temperature all year long. :)