Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates to the Website and Welcomes

I want to welcome all of the new visitors on the blog who have come by way of Marc's blog, the Wheelchair Kamikaze.  I hope that you will subscribe and enjoy your time here at Brass and Ivory.

Speaking of spending time on the blog, I have rearranged and updated the MS Bloggers page.  Snippets and links to the 25 most recent posts in the community can be seen in the larger section of the page.

Note how prolific the MS blogging community is - the 25 most recent posts only take us back 22 hours.  That's a lot of writing....and reading.

The full lists of MS blogs are now located on the right-hand sidebar.  For each alphabet letter, the 5 most recent blogs are shown.  To expand the lists, click on 'view all.'

Don't forget.  If you have a blog you wish to be listed, please contact me.  If you have a blog post you wish to be featured in the Carnival of MS Bloggers, please send me a link.



  1. Did I miss it? I don't think I saw my blog on your list,

    Peace Be With You On The MS Journey

  2. Judy, I'm sorry to have missed it. You're not the only one. I am learning that some of my fav blogs were missing. I hope that everybody checks and lets me know.

  3. wow rearranging - lot a work!

    I am whining here:

    subscribe by RSS not even I teaser or excerpt?

  4. Hi J,
    I am experimenting a bit with the RSS feed. Haven't figured out yet how to feed an excerpt only. I'm wanting to see if blog traffic differs any this way. I hope you will continue to read.

  5. thanks for all you do to help us stay connected as a community here in the vast blogosphere Lisa♥

  6. Lisa but of course it will differ. We have to hit the site to read! That said, after awhile many will just take a pass if it does not show up in their readers. At least that is the 'common knowledge" out there.

    Doesn't feed burner have that option to show all or excerpt?

    SEO practices? I removed all of my meta usage and decided to go back using the SEO stuff as my little blog took a major dive in hits without it.

  7. Thanks for pointing me to Feedburner to look for the excerpt option. I was trying to figure it out on Blogger but couldn't find the in-between option.

    Interestingly, visits during the past three days have been the most consistent (number-wise) than I've seen in awhile. A perfect straight line.

    Kmilyn, you've lost me on the meta data vs. SEO. Honestly, I just write and post while not giving much more thought to it than that. Explain?

    Also, I just put up a new post to see what 400 characters looks like in a partial feed. Not a lot, but something.

  8. I guess you have set up your keywords meta tags in your header.
    SEO just means search engine optimization

    I do not know that much about blogger

    I will email you