Monday, July 5, 2010

A Sense of Independence and Freedom

Having just returned from a cruise which hosted over 300 people traveling with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, I have been thinking about all the individuals I met, observed, or got to know personally.  One of these individuals was seated at the same dinner table as I.  Let’s call her “Kay.”

The night before our visit in Victoria, British Columbia, Kay mentioned that she would try out the scooter [she had rented] so that she could venture around the famed Butchart Gardens.  I also went to the gardens but never did run into Kay.  Butchart Gardens is big and has “fifty-five acres of stunning floral show gardens.”

Fifty-five acres full of paved winding trails is a lot of ground to cover.  The next day, I asked Kay how her trip to the gardens had been.  Her face lit up and she expressed that she loved it!!

I asked how the scooter worked out.  She smiled and said that it was great, it was fine, wonderful.  She had been afraid to use the scooter all week long, worried of how it would feel to her (inside) to do so.  But she learned that she had absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Freedom and Independence are what I’m thinking about today.

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