Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Interview with my Mom

If you spend just a moment thinking about it, there are many differences faces of MS.  Those persons who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are not the only ones who feel the disease, as those around us who share in this experience.  Many different faces representing the MS community at large.

It’s easy to look at our MS diagnosis through our own patient’s eye.  Face it, the vast majority of our community is made of up people who have been diagnosed with MS or are in the process of getting diagnosed with MS or some other neurological disease.  We share many of the frustrations of living with disease and the successes we have along the way.  Sharing is rather therapeutic, I’d say.

But how do our loved ones - parents, siblings, boyfriends, friends, or caregivers - view MS in our relationships?  Exploring these often forgotten Faces of MS, I will be interviewing people around me.  Asking the questions which I may not know the answers to, I expect to learn something about them, the disease, and about myself in the process.

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The Face of MS: A Mother's Perspective


  1. Excellent post, and thank you to your mom for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, I couldn't read the whole post, one of the most insulting ads for what I imagine must be a big Pharma drug flashed before me. I have NEVER been so insulted before. I am being BLAMED for needing a wheel chair because I did not choose the "Right" therapy? I love your blog Lisa, but I will never visit MS Health Central again. EVER.