Friday, July 9, 2010

And They're Off!!

Hard to believe, but it's been three weeks since we embarked upon the cruise to Alaska.  Our time in Seattle was eventful but the cruise was to be the main attraction on this journey.

We met such wonderful people already, how could this trip get any better?

After settling into our cabin on the ship, Rob and I ventured up top to watch the scenery as we voyaged into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  There were the Olympic Mountains on the left and the line of cruise ships behind.  I found this image to be humorous (and the inspiration for this post's title).

That first evening on the ship was relatively calm.  We went to dinner and discovered that, although I had called the travel agent and specifically requested that our party of two be seated at the same dinner table as Jen's part of four, we were seated with strangers.  Ironically, some of the folks at our table were also supposed to be sitting with friends who had been misplaced.  Oops.  Fortunately, everything got rearranged so that Rob and I could be entertained at Jen's table by some truly great individuals.

What a good-looking motley crew we make.  The photo above was taken during our first "formal" evening onboard the ship.  Pictured from left to right:
  • Top row - Mary (Jen's mom), Norene (Jen's friend), Jen, Lisa, Rob (Lisa's boyfriend)
  • Bottom row - Nancy (Jen's aunt, who reminds me very much of my own aunt Nancy) and Elaine (a wonderful MSer who was a great of fun and who playfully encouraged Rob to get moving in a direction which has been discussed.....and discussed.....and.....)
I thought that we looked pretty spiffy that evening.  What do you think?

It was about 8PM when this photo was taken.  Notice how the sun isn't even thinking about going down yet.  I loved it!

One person I was very happy to meet in person is Cathy of Navigating the Journey of MS.  We ran into each other several times on the ship and finally sat down for a photo.  Here's a moment where Cathy and her husband caught me shortly after I was in the shower.  Notice the wet hair.

Coincidentally I was also wearing one of Cathy's t-shirts.  "I do shots!"  I like it, even if I don't do shots any longer.  Although I did do an alcohol "shooter" later in the cruise.  However I didn't really feel any alcoholic effects from that drink.  Interesting.

Right before the cruise, Cathy held a contest on FB for the first person who could identify one of the new bears she carries on her website The MS Shoppe.   I won!!  As the prize, I received one of the bears which she delivered to me in person on the cruise.  It's a nice reminder of the trip and of meeting Cathy.

Now finally, we had lunch with all three MS bloggers. 

There are still many more stories to tell, but here's one which still makes me smile.

One evening while sitting at the dinner table, I notice a woman smiling at me.  Reflexively, I smile back.  Then I looked away so as not to appear staring.  She came around the table and asked, "Are you Lisa?"  Yes, I am.  "Lisa from Brass and Ivory?"  Yes (I blush).

Susan J. from northern California was the only person on the cruise who recognized me from my blog (other than Cathy and Jen of course).  My waiter interrupted our brief conversation while taking my order.  But we quickly got back to introductions before Susan sat at her table and I heard her explaining who I was.  :-)

What a special thrill!!  Being recognized from a little blog such as this one.  It really made my day, my week...well, heck, I'm still smiling about it.  Thanks Susan, it was wonderful to meet you too!  Too bad I didn't think to get your picture.  Sorry.

Next time, I'll share a few photos from glorious Alaska and tell some tales of Juneau and Skagway.  This was truly a scenic trip indeed.
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  1. This is fun, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Since I can't afford to go on one of these Cruises for a Cause, this is the next best thing! Thanks Lisa for the wonderful descriptions and pictures.

    I'm not sure why you were surprised to be recognized. YOUR Brass and Ivory and The Carnival of MS Bloggers connects us from all over the world! And, in like me, your picture is there for all to see!

    Did you, Jen and Cathy color coordinate for lunch? lol

  3. How cool! You and Rob look so marvelous together. I can't imagine what direction such a man with such a beautiful and talented woman would not be ready to take...hmmm

  4. The cruise sounds absolutely amazing! I just read about next year's cruise and am seriously talking to my family about it. How awesome it would be to meet fellow bloggers. Actually you and I live close enough to meet without the cruise but what a great excuse.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Lovely post and photos can't wait to read more about your cruise.

  6. It was great meeting you and Jen in person, although I feel like we had known each for years. And no we didn't color coordinate. Great minds think alike.

  7. You and Rob look smashing together. I love that dress. A very classic look!