Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Ice and Still Waters

On the 5th day of our cruise, we traveled up the Tracy Arm Fjord to visit the Sawyer Glaciers. It was an early morning and actually the coldest on our trip.

Here is a view early in the morning near the entrance to the Fjord.  You can tell that no one had been through these waters yet that day. 

The Fjord is so narrow that only one cruise ship can travel it at one time. Wednesday was our day. Winding through the turns of the Fjord affording us many different views.

As we approached the glacier itself, most everyone on the ship was trying to get that picture-perfect view.

I was fascinated by the lines visible in the glacial ice. We were told that the lines were a sign that two glaciers were crunching into each other.  You can see here that even more than two glaciers are coming together.  It was truly beautiful.

Yes, the ice is that blue!

Harbor seals like to hang out on the icebergs. It took me awhile to figure out where people were seeing the seals. But once found, they became easy to spot.

Here's a seal swimming around an iceberg. Getting a bite to eat perhaps.

As we were leaving Tracy Arm Fjord and traveling toward open waters of the north Pacific Ocean, we passed a small vessel traveling up the fjord.  Yes, that smallish white blob in the middle of the photo is a boat.  I hope this helps to demonstrate the grandness of the landscape.

And still the waters are so very calm.  Later in the day and the following day, we were definitely NOT in calm waters.  The ocean created much turbulence, rocking, and swaying.  Several people did not handle it well, but thankfully Rob and I seemed to be just fine.  A little headachy but that's all.

One more day on the cruise in Victoria, British Columbia, before we return to Seattle.  In the meantime, enjoy this 6-minute video I took as we approached the Sawyer glaciers.

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  1. This is going to sound crazy - but I was looking up other disability bloggers and I am SHOCKED to find this post. I was on the Tracey Arm Cruise myself this Saturday. In fact, I am arguing with my facebook right now trying to upload the same pictures! What a crazy, small world.

    In any case, I just had to say yay for us for seeing this amazing site despite of our health! I'm so happy for you!! (PS, wasn't south sawyer astounding?!)

    - Miss Waxie