Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to the MS Blogging Community

New folks discovered around the MS neighborhood. Welcome to the shortbus.

"My name is Krista. On April 14, 2009, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Within a few hours of the diagnosis, I got my first tattoo--a Dwennimmen. This is my forum to toss out thoughts and information about these and other elements of my life as a 34 year old, active, tattooed, diagnosed dame."

Suejan describes herself: "I feel old now, am retired, used to be PR journalist. Have autistic son 36 & identical girl twins 33. Interests: art, gardening, antiques."

Jeff describes himself: "I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) officially on January 22nd, 2009. This is what I live with on a daily basis."

Luis describes himself: "I am 67 years old, progressive MS since 1989, dx'd 1976, use wheelchair in the apt. and outside. Considering giving up driving."
"How miserable can Life be!" I read the other day, in my case the adjective "miserable" is not the appropriate one, I have a wife worth her weight in gold, she bend over backwards for me, I have two sons and a daughter that always call or come over just to talk with me for a little while, I have read horror stories of MSers just abandoned by their family, wives that run away from their partners just because the sexual life is non-existant! and is when I read about those terrible cases that I say proudly and as loud as possible: "I HAVE A BAD DAY BUT I ALSO HAVE A WONDERFUL FAMILY!"

Laura describes herself: "Mom of 3 plus 2 amazing grandchildren. Live a double life. One in Canada, the other in the US. Just your basic ruckus causing mom."
My son was just informed that he is laid off from his job at a lovely (not) company in Calgary. We believe it is due to the time he had to take off due to his last two MS relapses. He was sick with the flu on Monday and when he returned to work today, they gave him the news. Sure wish I could prove this one but companies are so good at covering the behinds. The stress was just beginning to lift as he had moved with his friends into his own place and life was beginning anew for him. I know they say things happen for a reason but this one is hard to find the reason for. He finally found a job he really enjoyed doing and was looking forward to a future with them. I guess we have to believe that when one door closes, another opens. It's just all so frustrating for a kid who is trying to get well. This mom wishes he's just move home and take a long rest from it all before trying to begin again but I have to let the birdie fly...I have to let the birdie fly...can you tell I'm trying to convince myself?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I have been enjoying reading your blog for quite some time now--it was very helpful as I went through the testing and diagnosis process a few months ago (has it already been that long? Sheesh!). Thanks for providing such a valuable resource!