Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Uncommon MRI

Wonder if Lazy Julie suffered this side-effect during her recent MRI trip? Julie found a website for all of us which has examples of the sounds of the MRI. Ah, brings back memories.

Cartoon from Closer to Home by John McPherson

(h/t to Doc at Mind, Body, Soul)


  1. Waiting for Bill to get his sorry butt out of the shower so we can get to my brother's already. LOL...

    Had my annual two days ago and I'm always reminded of pinball machines or wooden shoes clopping on the ground....?!....

  2. The sound doesn't bother me I just get claustrophobic in that machine!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the band The Who and there is one sequence that seems directly lifted from "Tommy".

  4. My favorite MRI experience:

    The doctor, looking at my slides on the light screen, said, "Hmmm... I've never seen this before..."

    The second doctor concurred. They thought maybe I'd been poisoned. Really!

    Several months, a bunch of new tests, and a couple of thousand dollars later, it was determined to be a bad MRI. One of those good news/bad news endings.