Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Myelin Quiz: Are You the Myelin Man!!

Justine from the Myelin Foundation @MRF_Justine asked me to take "The Myelin Quiz." So while I'm exploring that, I'll jump back here to take notes. Here goes.

The link she provided took me to "The Myelin Quiz" on Facebook (which is an application).

Are you a Myelin Man or just a Node of Ranvier? Test your knowledge about myelin.

  1. What does myelin surround
  2. What cells create myelin in the central nervous system (CNS)?
  3. What cells create myelin in the peripheral nervous system (PNS)?
  4. What is myelin composed of?
  5. What is the lipid percentage of myelin?
  6. Myelin is to Axon:
  7. What does myelin do?
  8. What body system can turn against and damage the myelin?
  9. What has recently been found to help with regenerating myelin?

After I hit the Submit Button, Facebook brought me to a screen prompting me to choose 4 friends to send The Myelin Quiz! Request to. I opted to skip this step for the moment and to click on the very small "continue to result" statement which is hiding below the "Processing your Quiz Result" near the top of the page.

Perhaps I will go back and request that ALL of my MS friends on Facebook take this quiz. Be forewarned. LOL. But first, let's see how I did. There were a few questions where I guessed since I didn't have a clue.

WhooHoo!! I am Myelin Man!!

You are Myelin Man!

You know everything there is to know about myelin. Seriously. You should get your Ph.D. (if you don’t already have one) and join a research lab at your nearest university immediately. Congratulations! Explanations for all answers: http://myelinrepair.org/myelin_quiz

Next you are given the opportunity to publish your results to your Facebook wall and friend's home pages. This is a step which can be skipped, but I thought "sure, why not. It will provide some exposure to the Myelin Foundation."

I also added the following commentary:
LOL. I combine calculated guesses with known answers and look where it got me. I feel so smart. ;p
Now I'm looking at the Quiz page where you can choose other quizzes to take or to "make your own Quiz." I chose to add my results to my Info Page instead.

One observation I have is that the.....

Explanations for all answers: http://myelinrepair.org/myelin_quiz

....does not contain a live link. I don't know if this is possible to change, but it would be useful to encourage more people to visit the Myelin Foundation's website.

Looking through the answers and explanations, I see that I missed two questions. Hmmmm.....how did I become "Myelin Man" if I guessed incorrectly. Puzzling.

I might go around not knowing that "Layers of glial cell membranes" is the substance of which myelin is comprised. Now, that would be embarrassing during normal dinner conversation.

From the same landing page on the MRF's website you are offered the opportunity to:

Register for our e-Newsletter

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Tell Ten Friends and Family

Take a moment to tell ten friends and family in your personal and professional networks about the Myelin Repair Foundation and how myelin research is crucial to curing MS. Encourage them to register at our web site to learn more about our work and share what they learn with others.

Join Our Facebook Causes Campaign

Show your support on the social networking site, Facebook. You’ll be taken to the Facebook website where you can either log in to your existing Facebook account or create a new account in order to join our cause. Our Myelin Repair Foundation Causes page allows you track your impact in recruiting other members and in raising money for myelin repair research.

Donate $10 Right Now

Show your support for myelin repair research by making a donation.


Overall it was a fun experience and one which I believe will help to spread awareness of Myelin Repair Foundation and the issues of research needed for demyelinating diseases. Thank you Justine.


  1. Too funny. I just took it on Facebook too, after seeing Ann and you posting this peculiar thing. Some educated guesses as well (esp the oligo-crap: figured they searched 2X for it on me--aka spinal taps---so it HAD to be an answer!)

    PS: you're cracking me up with the Texas Hold'em....

  2. Thanks for taking the quiz and reviewing it. I've taken your suggestion to make the link to our Answer Guide active.

    I'm limited by the quiz-making software in terms of the quiz design. You *can* become a Myelin Man even if you miss a couple of the questions.

    Thanks again for helping to spread the word about myelin repair!

    Justine Lam
    Internet Strategist
    Myelin Repair Foundation

  3. Jen,

    I don't normally post quiz-type stuff on Facebook. But made an exception in this case. Justine is very friendly and has been nice to communicate with. So I like to help out.

    BTW, I see that you've accumulated quite a bit of chips since you first started (I think with $300 just a week or so ago?).

    I'm actually enjoying it, so maybe it's become an MS-Freezone for me. Hey I'm up to $88,000+ now, how cool is that?

  4. Justine,

    You're very welcome. I'm glad that you made the link active. It helps to serve as a gateway to your website.

    The type of work which you are doing, I wish that more of the other MS orgs would do also.

    Thanks for supporting an organization which in turn is working to help us myelin-compromised folks.

  5. I just took this on FB and I am also a Myelin Man! Oh, I'm so proud! LOL