Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MS Bloggers IRL

On Sunday, I arrived at a quaint coffee shop in a shopping center in a smallish town on the Eastern side of the country. Even before leaving my car, the person I was there to meet returned my wave. She and I have seen a few photos of each other on the others' blogs, but to have that 2-dimensional image come to life is much cooler indeed. As a bonus, my Sweetie came along as well.

For three individuals with strong introverted tendencies, I think we were a well-matched trio. Of course the topic of MS came into the conversation on more than a few occasions. It was wonderful to hear my Sweetie share some of his observations of life with MS and how it affects him also. I heard him say some things which I had not heard before. This just reinforces my thoughts that it is so very important to be bold enough to open up with others who most understand what it's really like.

I was fortunate during the first year of my diagnosis that the MS specialists at the neurology center held a special monthly session for those newly-diagnosed and their caregivers (mostly spouses). There was ample opportunity to learn about various topics related to MS, to ask questions of the specialists, and to compare notes with other newbie MSers. Of course comparisons were common and ideas for coping were offered freely. And one member even generously experienced another relapse during that year which fueled conversation for at least one meeting. That lucky person, generous soul, was me. What I won't do to help others?

The person I was meeting IRL (in real life) was Merelyme whom many of you already know. We covered things like, "Do you ever get X? Or what do you do when Y happens? What does your doctor say about Z?" For XYZ, you may fill in the blanks with whatever concerns you. I was impressed that Merelyme walked at least 1 mile to our meeting location, on a warm humid day, and for someone who experiences footdrop.

Our allotted time passed by so very quickly that it was hard to say goodbye. I sincerely believe that a friendship has blossomed. Heck, we even spent more than an hour talking on the phone yesterday. When I travel through her area in the future, we will definitely make coffee plans again. Yesterday, we even laughed at how much fun it would be to travel and meet each of our favorite MS Bloggers. With unlimited time and funds that would be so totally doable. I wonder if we could find sponsors........hmmmm......just thinking.

Back to my new IRL friend. When it was time to go, my Sweetie and I dropped her off at her house. I even got a glimpse of her older son as he was walking down the street on the sidewalk. I followed her out of the car and we hugged. We said our goodbyes and we hugged again. Even over the intertubes can a kindred soul be detected. The scene was a little like the one below, cute MSer kittens and all.


Have you ever met a fellow blogger in real life with whom you've conversed online? If so, please do tell. I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I have yet to meet a fellow blogger but I would love to. I agree that it is important for us MSers to get together and talk sometimes. Just like with blogging, we feel less isolated and we know that someone else really does understand.

  2. awww...shuckaroo! i feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. i had an absolutely wonderful time with you guys and the time just went so fast. i had such fun and even talking about MS. i am thankful for your friendship and i am so glad we got to meet. i will have to post about our time too!

  3. Lisa
    I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person anyone whose blogs I am reading faithfully. It's funny though because I begin to feel that I know them (you). So if you ever make it to Washington State please let me know and my house is open GG

  4. Oh, I would have enjoyed that...years ago, but not now--go while you can. I am way more introverted thn you 2. So cool though, I never thought me2 was a real person! LOL

  5. wow...diane you are one of the folks that we said we would want to meet first!

  6. Oh Diane, I can't believe that you are more introverted than I am. You sound to be a bold person who carries her own rather well.

    GG, it would be fun to travel and meet a fellow RA/MSer. It looks like Washington is the place to be.

    If only there were unlimited time and finances....

    Me2, you know I'm coming back sometime. Don't know when but it's a certainty.

  7. I would love to meet all of you IRL!!!

    You have all given me such support with all of the MS craziness and fun. If any of you are in Massachusetts let me know!!!


  8. That really sounds fun! I would love the opportunity! I enjoy reading the different blogs. Nice to be able to hear different takes on situations, it definately helps, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed.