Monday, January 14, 2013

Brass and Ivory honored by Healthline

My good friend and colleague Cathy Chester, author of the blog An Empowered Spirit  and writer for HealthCentral, submits a guest post today.  Cathy is a new administrator/writer for Healthline and I must say that I've seen a wonderful MS community developing under her leadership, especially with their Facebook presence.  Cathy informed me that my blog has been honored as one of the top MS blogs by Healthline.

Finding credible information on the web about Multiple Sclerosis can sometimes be challenging.  You need to find a website that is both reputable and informative. Healthline is the site you should read.  Their slogan is “The Internet site doctors prescribe most”, while their mission is to “improve health through information.”  What more could you ask for?  Healthline offers readers, “Objective, trustworthy, and accurate health information, guided by the principles of responsible journalism and publishing.” Their Facebook page is a large caring community of readers learning from Healthline’s articles, while forming relationships with one another through shared experiences.

This premier website has published their “Top 18 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs”.  It comes as no surprise to people with MS that Lisa Emrich’s Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA made this prestigious list.  Read what Healthline had to say about her blog:

 “Lisa Emrich is the amazing mind behind the wonderful Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA. Lisa’s creative genius helps show readers a fun, balanced approach to life with chronic illness.”

“Brass and Ivory allows Lisa to open her world of personal reflections and MS updates to readers everywhere. She weaves a powerful and compelling story, and makes huge strides for the MS community as a whole through this blog and her other endeavor:  Carnival of MS Bloggers. Thank you, Lisa, for all you do—you are one musician and writer who has certainly found her MS muse!”

Congratulations to Lisa and Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA on her nomination, and for her tireless efforts with her successful blog. She continually amazes us with her honesty, wisdom and poise as she masters the art of sharing her life with those of us with MS and RA.   We thank you, Lisa, for your ongoing commitment and dedication to making our lives a little easier.

Thank you!

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