Monday, December 10, 2012

"Walking on Rocks" and RA

Patients living with rheumatoid arthritis may experience symptoms which cannot be detected by just looking at their body.  Even squeezing and poking the tissues surrounding tender joints may not make swelling entirely obvious.  Doctors often have to trust that when we say, “ouch,” we really do mean it.

There have been times where one of my RA symptoms was the “walking on rocks” sensation in my feet.  Really quite unpleasant.  Some people might describe this sensation as walking on marbles or walking on pebbles.  Researchers at the University of Southampton aim to improve the health and mobility of RA patients who experience the “walking on marbles” pain. 

Last fall one of our health guides, V, asked, “Anyone else feel as though they are walking on rocks?”  Responses to her question reveal that this is truly a common complaint.

Investigators have developed new ways of using diagnostic ultrasound and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) techniques to assess a patient’s feet, specially the area around the ball of the foot and toes.  Previously, it was thought that this pain was due to walking on joints which were directly affected by RA. 

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"Walking on Rocks": An Invisible Complication of RA


  1. I have MS. When I sleep I dream that I am walking on very sharp stones. This hurts sooo bad that I wake up.

  2. Hi Beverly,
    It's amazing how vivid dreams can be. Do your feet hurt during the day? I've blamed the "rocks" sensation on RA, but I've also had an intense burning sensation in the feet which I've blamed on MS. I hope that your dreams become less painful. :)