Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cognitive Skills and Driving in MS

How do you know if you should or shouldn’t be driving?

Research has found that information processing and visuospatial skills are predictive of driving performance among persons with MS. Cognitive tests, specifically the Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) and the Spatial Recall Test (SPART 7/24), may be useful as screening methods for identifying the potential impact of cognitive impairment on driving (Schultheis, 2010).

However, Dr. Akinwuntan, a professor at Georgia Health Sciences University, says that the current practice is to administer 15 to 22 different tests that can last up to three hours and cost as much as $450 to patients with MS who need to be evaluated for driving appropriateness.

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New Study to Test Driving Ability and Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis

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  1. I have MS and I have limited my driving. I have found myself in a confused state of mind while driving. As long as I am driving in areas familiar to me I am fine. We have to accept our limitations and ask for help.