Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tremors in MS

A study published in the open-access journal Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements reviewed recent advancements in the understanding of tremors in MS.  The review explores the prevalence and clinical features of tremors in MS, including physical  cause of tremors, and treatment methods, including surgery and/or prescription medications.

Reviewers searched MEDLINE with the terms “multiple sclerosis” and “tremor,” published between January 1966 and May 2012.  My own search revealed articles dating back to 1958, and at least six additional relevant articles published since May 2012.

Prevalence of tremor in MS
Studies indicate that tremors are prevalent in 25% to 58% of the MS population.  Upper limb tremor was described in 58% of 100 randomly selected MS patients from an MS specialty clinic in London (potential for selection bias); 27% with minimal tremor, 16% with mild tremor, and 15% with moderate to severe tremor (Alusi, 2001).  In a community-based study of 200 MS patients in Olmsted County, Minnesota, tremor was noted in 25.5% of patients with severe tremor seen in only 3% of patients (Pittock, 2004).

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Tremor in Multiple Sclerosis: Prevalence, Cause and Treatment

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