Monday, November 7, 2011

Educating for RA Awareness

Nobody would argue that we need more rheumatoid arthritis awareness.  I admit that I didn’t know much at all about RA until I was being diagnosed with it.  Why should anybody know much about RA until it touches someone in your life, family, friends, or public figure?  No real reason unless we’re in medicine.

If you read forums or blogs discussing RA, you will certainly have come across posts which focus on “what not to say….” to patients, or which focus on what bugs us, as a community, the most when others might say it during a social interaction.  I read these posts and can sympathize with those who are frustrated, but honestly I have not encountered the same level of annoyance or anger which is often expressed.

Here are a couple hypothetical scenarios to contemplate:

Scenario #1

You and a friend are in your early 20’s.  You’ve met for coffee and are chitchatting about life - boys, jobs, heatlh.

Read this post in its entirety:

RA Awareness: Be Patient with Your Friends, Educate, Don't Hate

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